Giving Birth In Exile (ongoing)
Giving Birth In Exile (ongoing)

"Giving birth in exile" is an ongoing project documenting the intimate and challenging lives of female asylum seekers.

Most women portrayed here are in transit in Geneva, awaiting a decision as regards to their asylum application. Women carry their pregnancy with the fear of being evicted and this can happen overnight.

Invisible, forgotten, often left behind, these young mothers, or mothers to be, are astonishingly resilient. I felt it was important to shed light on their exceptional conditions of life and show that their experience was nevertheless similar to that of every mother. For the last year I have been visiting them regularly and was fascinated by their inspiring strength and courage.

Raising a child when caught in the everyday struggles and the anxiety of an uncertain future greatly affect the stability of mothers. The loss of family and cultural links, as well as traumas faced in a recent past add to their plight.